Red Cloud Klondike Strike to Reshape Mining Investment


Toronto, Ontario, March 03, 2016 – Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. (“RedCloudKS”) launches a revolutionary online mining capital markets platform aiming to reshape mining investment.


By going to, investors will get direct access to multiple security offerings of select companies, while mining issuers benefit from an alternative means of capital raising with access to a fresh pool of investors.


“This platform has the potential to be a real game changer,” says Chad Williams, P.Eng, President and CEO of Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. “This innovative platform addresses the need for change in mining finance”.


Key Facts:

  • • There are an estimated 26 million investors who may qualify to transact on the RedCloudKS platform in Canada alone [1]
  • • Seventeen countries now have equity crowd funding platforms across all sectors which raised a total of over US$660 million in Q1 2015 [2]
  • • Millennials, the most populous demographic in Canada, are considered technophiles with experience conducting many aspects of their lives online (banking, shopping, communications) opening up a large, fresh market of potential new investors


About the Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. online investment platform:

This mining-focused, secure, online investment platform enables individual and institutional investors to directly participate in security offerings of publicly-traded and privately-held mining companies.

Important features of the platform:

  • • Investors get access to security offerings previously only presented to very few individuals or institutions
  • • Issuers get access to a new pool of investors currently not reached by traditional means
  • • All security offerings are subject to due diligence checks by a team of mining and finance professionals
  • • Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in all provinces of Canada, as well as the Yukon, and is subject to applicable securities regulations

To register on the platform or for more information on RedCloudKS, please visit


About Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc.:

Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. is an exempt market dealer focused on providing unique and innovative financing and growth solutions to mining companies.


Working as an extension of management, RedCloudKS uses its global network of capital markets specialists and extensive experience in the many facets of the business to help companies identify alternative sources of capital and quality actionable growth opportunities, and to generate and maintain important relationships with key investors.


The RedCloudKS signature online investment platform offers a unique alternative method of accessing capital as it enables investors to directly participate in security offerings of select companies, and provides issuers the access to a fresh pool of investors in a streamlined, secure, online process. This platform reduces current investment barriers in the industry and addresses the need for change and innovation in mining finance.


For further information, please contact:

Katherine Fedorowicz

VP, Marketing & Investor Relations

Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc.


[1] In order to qualify to transact on the RedCloudKS platform, a prospectus exemption must be available for the investment. In Canada, most prospectus exemptions are set out in National Instrument 45-106 – Prospectus Exemptions. The availability of prospectus exemptions for an investment may vary depending on many factors, including the province of residence of the investor, whether the investor qualifies as an “accredited investor” in Canada, or whether the issuer delivers an offering memorandum to the investor.
[2] ‘The OurCrowd Equity Crowdfunding Report [Infographic]’, and ‘Equity crowdfunding hits $662 million in 2015’,



Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Yukon.


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