RedCloudKS - Wrapping up 2016, and looking ahead to 2017


Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. is very pleased to sponsor the 2017 Precious Metals Stock Picking Challenge!

Participants will have a risk-free, zero cost opportunity to pick and follow a selected group of mining companies for their chance to be awarded weekly prizes of 0.5 oz gold, with the top 3 performing portfolios to be awarded 1 oz gold.

The challenge will begin Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017 and will run for 9 weeks until Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017.

Winners will be announced at PDAC on Wednesday, March 7, 2017

Rules are provided below, more detailed information regarding the challenge is available here.

- Contestants pick 9 mining stocks total
- There will be 4 categories plus a Wildcard category.
- Users will pick 2 companies in each category to create their portfolio.
- WILDCARD CATEGORY - Pick any 1 company on any North American exchange trading over $1.
- Trades (dropping & adding stocks) are allowed only between market close on Friday until market open on Monday morning - pick wisely!

Good luck!

In addition we are pleased to announce the closing of the following deals previously listed on our platform:

Northern Shield Resources successfully closed on November 29, 2016
The company completed the non-brokered private placement of 6,454,600 flow-through common shares at a price of $0.17/FT share for gross proceeds of $1,097,282 

Ascot Resources Ltd. successfully closed on December 16, 2016
The company completed the brokered private placement of 4,000,997 flow-through common shares at a price of $2.25/FT share for gross proceeds of $9,002,243

As the year is coming to a close we would like to thank you for your continued support and making 2016 a wonderful year. We would like to extend our best wishes over the holiday season and into the upcoming 2017 year.

The Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc. Team




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